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Business Protection, Better Insurance

You may have holes in your insurance coverage! RiskAlert-Rx℠ ensures your business is protected by exposing uninsured risks that will destroy your business. Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell insurance. We prepare the best policy for your business and remain an unconflicted participant in the process, working solely for you.

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Action Items

step 1

Email us your insurance policies.

step 2

Policies are reviewed by experts and executive summary prepared.

step 3

Schedule a time to review the good, the bad, and the ugly.

step 4

Find better insurance & sleep better at night!


Why RiskAlert-Rx℠

RiskAlert-Rx℠ is a no-cost, no-obligation gap analysis of your business insurance, including product and professional liability coverage. We are confident you will find our comprehensive, sophisticated exposure audit educational and eye opening. As an independent insurance broker, we work for you, not the insurance company. Let us help you protect your life’s work!




“Being knowledgeable of the compounding industry, Britton Gallagher came back with a lengthy and thorough written review of our policies focusing primarily on exposures and issues. It was clear to me that Britton Gallagher would take a proactive role in the negotiation of our insurance policies to ensure that we addressed a number of our policy shortcomings. In January 2019 we switched to Britton Gallagher as our broker of record. It was an easy decision.”

-Owner of Outsourcing Facility (503B)

“Insurance can be a tricky area. Big companies have experts who can properly navigate issues, smaller companies need brokers who look to understand your business and your needs and get engaged to support you. In my opinion, Britton Gallagher are just such a broker.”

-Owner of Outsourcing Facility (503B)

“There are 2 things I prefer to let experts handle in this world: taxes and insurance. Insurance might as well be a foreign language… I am extremely grateful to have [Britton Gallagher] explaining and advising the best way to navigate forward.”

-CFO of Outsourcing Facility (503B)